Genealogy data of Dolman or Dowman, of Pocklington

Virtute et Veritate (Courage and truth)

Thomas DOLMAN, 15241589 (aged 65 years)

Thomas /DOLMAN/
Given names
Esq., of Pocklington and Badsworth, Justice of the Peace for the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Note: peut-être était-ce lui qui avait pour pseudonyme Alban Doleman
Birth 1524 24

MarriageElisabeth VAVASOURView this family

Birth of a brotherRobert DOLMAN
estimated 1526 (aged 2 years)
Death of a motherElizabeth HAWCLIFFE
before 1547 (aged 23 years)

Note: Avant son mari.
Death of a fatherWilliam DOLMAN
April 6, 1547 (aged 23 years)

Birth of a sonJohn DOLMAN S.J.
about 1556 (aged 32 years)

Birth of a sonRobert DOLMAN
about 1560 (aged 36 years)
Note: Lieu de naissance d'après…

Lieu de naissance d'après Né vers 1572 d'après la même" source Il est l'aîné des enfants d'après A List of The Roman Catholics in 1604

Baptism of a sonMarmaduke DOLMAN
June 7, 1562 (aged 38 years)
Birth of a sonPeter DOLMAN
about 1563 (aged 39 years)

Note: Date très probable puisque 4ème fils, donc né après Marmaduke et avant William.
Baptism of a sonWilliam DOLMAN
October 18, 1564 (aged 40 years)
Birth of a daughterBridget DOLMAN
estimated 1565 (aged 41 years)

Birth of a daughterElisabeth DOLMAN
1567 (aged 43 years)

Baptism of a daughterElisabeth DOLMAN
February 23, 1567 (aged 43 years)
Marriage of a childRobert DOLMANEleanor Jane MALLORYView this family
about 1579 (aged 55 years)
Note: 22 SEP 1597 d'après
Birth of a daughterJane DOLMAN
1580 (aged 56 years)

Death of a brotherRobert DOLMAN
1581 (aged 57 years)

Burial of a brotherRobert DOLMAN
August 14, 1581 (aged 57 years)

J.P. (Justice of Peace)
1584 (aged 60 years)

Birth of a daughterAnn DOLMAN


Probate March 25, 1589 (aged 65 years)
Burial March 31, 1589 (aged 65 years)
Address: Pocklington church
Note: a handsome monument was erected to his memory and…

a handsome monument was erected to his memory and still exists. Il y a certainement une confusion entre son décès st sa sépulture. On retrouve cette data du 3 avril dans plusieurs documents (mais ils s'appuient certainement sur la même source)

Death April 3, 1589 (aged 65 years)

Family with parents
Birth: 1524 24
Death: April 3, 1589
3 years
younger brother
Birth: estimated 1526 26Ganstead, Yorkshire, England
Death: 1581
Family with Elisabeth VAVASOUR
Birth: 1524 24
Death: April 3, 1589
Birth: about 1556 32 21
Death: after 1590Pont-à-Mousson, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France
5 years
Birth: about 1560 36 25Studley, Yorkshire, England
Death: March 15, 1628Pocklington, Yorkshire, England
3 years
Baptism: June 7, 1562 38 27Pocklington, Yorkshire, England
Death: 1645Long Marston, Yorkshire, England
19 months
22 months
Baptism: October 18, 1564 40 29Pocklington, Yorkshire, England
16 years
-12 years
Birth: 1567 43 32
Death: 1567

peut-être était-ce lui qui avait pour pseudonyme Alban Doleman


a handsome monument was erected to his memory and still exists. Il y a certainement une confusion entre son décès st sa sépulture. On retrouve cette data du 3 avril dans plusieurs documents (mais ils s'appuient certainement sur la même source)


Thomas Dolman, Esq., of Pocklington, aged 23, 38 Henry 8 (inq. p.m.) J.P. 1584, buried at Pocklington 31 March, 1589, M.I. will dated 25 March, 1589, and proved at York ( See note above ).


Title Deed of covenants relating to the Gunby estate Date 31 May 1579 Description Parties:

  1. Sir William Cecill, Lord Burghley, Master, and Robert Keylwey,Surveyor of the Court of Wards and Liveries
  2. Thomas Dolman, esquire, and wife Elizabeth (sister and heir of PeterVavasour, esquire, deceased) Property: manors of Gunby, Wetheley [Weedley] in the parish of South Cave,Baddesworthe and Spaldington, with messuages and lands in Birkbbye, Marshland,Bubwith, Brighton, Riplingham and Willytofte, Sandhall Grange. Messuages calledBedrington in Howden. Fishing in the River Derwent. Concerning a grant of special livery to her [Elizabeth Dolman] estates of Peter Vavasour, a valour and extant of which is attached.

Who is Alban, ordained priest during the reign of Mary I, in 1557 ?

From Alumni Cantabrigienses (List of Students at the University of Cambridge) : DOLMAN or DOWLMAN, ALBAN, Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1554; Scholar, 1554. Ord. acolyte (London) 1557-8.

Extrait de "A literary and biographical history, or bibliographical dictionary, of the English Catholics from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present time Volume 2" pages 85 - 87 :

Dolman, Alban, priest, was "an ancient missioner," that is, one who was ordained previous to the accession of Elizabeth, and therefore not coming within many of the more severe laws against "seminary priests," or those ordained abroad. His identity has not been accurately ascertained, but he was undoubtedly a member of the Pocklington Dolmans, if not the same with "Thomas Dolman," whom Wood states was a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, who was ejected in the first year of Queen Elizabeth's reign for refusing the oath of spiritual supremacy.

In the "Douay Diaries" there is printed a most interesting letter from Alban Dolman, dated Dec. 15, 1579, describing the "tyrannycal dealinge of the pevish preachers in Englande toward the godly Catholikes." He seems to have been very well known in those days, and is usually only referred to as Doleman, or Doulman. In 1586, Nicholas Berden, a notorious spy, refers to him in a letter to Walsingham, "Alban Dolman, prieste, in Newgate, a Justice of Peace of Padgett's dyscription." Lord Charles Paget, in a letter to Mary, Queen of Scots, had written : "This good priest hath lived in England his fifteen years. He is of comely personage, and when attired like a gentleman you would deem him a justice of the peace." etc.

Revue des questions historiques - 1895 (59) : Alban Dolman, prêtre, arrêté chez lord Morley, le 4 avril 1574, pendant qu'il disait la messe (1574)




Elizabeth Doullman* widdow, Recusant for one yeare last.

  • This family was settled in the neighbourhood of Pickering in the reign of Edward the Third. They were of Pocklington in the 15th century. Thomas Dolman, son and heir of William Dolman of that place, was aged twenty-three in 38 Henry VIII. (Inq. P.M.) He probably conformed to Protestantism, as we find him a Justice of Peace in 1584. His death took place 3rd April, 1589. His wife, the "widdow" of the present return, was Elizabeth, daughter of John Vavasour, and sister and heiress of Peter Vavasour of Spaldington. Her will bears date 19th Nov. 1614. They had issue, 1st, Sir Robert Dolman, Knight, who married Eleanor, daughter of Sir William Mallory of Studley, who died 11th March, 1628, from whom the present representative of the family is sprung ; 2nd,, John Dolman, of Gray's Inn, who died sine prole, 1586 ; 3rd, Marmaduke Dolman of Messingham, co. Lincoln ; 4th, Peter ; and 5th,. William ; and three daughters, Anne, Bridget, and Jane.

The above Marmaduke is said to have been in arms for the king, and to have lost his life at Marston Moor. A traditionary account of his burial has even been handed down, but there seems to be some error, for if alive then, he must have been far too aged to do battle with the sword. His son Marmaduke was of Bottesford, co. Lincoln. He married Anne, daughter of John Shaw, the owner of the dissolved preceptory of Knights Hospitallers at that place. The lady was buried with her kin in their aisle in Bottesford Church, 11th April, 1652. This Marmaduke was certainly in arms for the king, and lost his estate thereby (Commons Journals, vii. 202). He would have escaped with a fine had he not in 1648, when all rational hope for the success of the royal cause


À propos d'ALban : Joseph Gillow. A literary and biographical history, or bibliographical dictionary, of the English Catholics, from the breach with Rome, in 1534, to the present time .. (Volume 3) . (page 51) : About the age of eleven, Richard Huddleston was sent to Grange-over-Sands, where he studied for five or six years under Thomas Sommers, a Catholic schoolmaster, and satisfied the expectations of his parents. Previous to this he had attended the Established Church with his father, who, under coercion, had outwardly conformed. While at Grange he frequently visited his relative, Mr. Francis Duckett, of Grayrigg, a staunch Catholic, and there he was reconciled to the Church by a devout priest, William Smith, who repeatedly had suffered im- prisonment and exile. In consequence of a plague breaking out in the district, he was sent home with his eldest brother, Andrew. After about a year he was sent to a school at Garstang, where he made little profit, for he had scarce opened his books ere he was recalled home. His mother then suggested his going to St. Omer's College, which, after many disappoint- ments, was at length accomplished. He and an older brother went up to London with two priests, Mr. Burskey and John Saterford, on the feast of St. Ursula, Oct. 21 (1600?). Mr. Burskey had arranged with Mr. James Duckett, the printer, who was shortly afterwards martyred, to be supplied with the necessaries for saying Mass, but Mr. Duckett was prevented from keeping his engagement by a midnight search by the pursui- vants. They broke into the house where the young Huddle- stons were sleeping, and seized a Mr. Dolman (perhaps the Rev. Alban Dolman) and carried him off to prison. The Huddlestons, however, effected their escape and went to Mr. Duckett's, with whom they remained six weeks, awaiting the vessel in which they intended crossing the channel. Mr. Duckett introduced them to John Williams, who was then going to Douay, where he was ordained priest April 7, 1 601.