Genealogy data of Dolman or Dowman, of Pocklington

Virtute et Veritate (Courage and truth)

Elizabeth DOLMAN, 16281667 (aged 39 years)

Elizabeth /DOLMAN/
Given names
Birth 1628 48

Baptism November 11, 1628 48 (aged 0)
Birth of a brotherWilliam DOLMAN
estimated 1630 (aged 2 years)

Birth of a brotherJohn DOLMAN
estimated 1632 (aged 4 years)

Death of a paternal grandfatherMarmaduke DOLMAN
1645 (aged 17 years)
Cause: Slain at Marston Moor Battle (tué à la bataille de Martson Moor)
Birth of a sonHenry LILLINGSTON
about 1646 (aged 18 years)
Burial of a motherAnn SHAW
April 11, 1652 (aged 24 years)
MarriageHenry LILLINGSTONView this family
November 9, 1652 (aged 24 years)
Death of a motherAnn SHAW
1652 (aged 24 years)

Birth of a sonLuke LILLINGSTON
1653 (aged 25 years)
Note: ABT 1648 d'après
Death of a fatherMarmaduke DOLMAN
1654 (aged 26 years)

Burial of a fatherMarmaduke DOLMAN
December 20, 1654 (aged 26 years)
Death of a brotherWilliam DOLMAN
about 1662 (aged 34 years)

Baptism of a sonLuke LILLINGSTON

Birth of a daughterMary LILLINGSTON

Birth of a daughterElizabeth LILLINGSTON

Death January 5, 1667 (aged 39 years)
Family with parents
elder sister
12 months
elder sister
6 years
elder brother
4 years
Birth: 1628 48
Death: January 5, 1667Bottesford, Lincolnshire, England
3 years
younger brother
Birth: estimated 1630 50
Death: about 1662
3 years
younger brother
Birth: estimated 1632 52
Death: 1695
Family with Henry LILLINGSTON
Birth: 1628 48
Death: January 5, 1667Bottesford, Lincolnshire, England
Marriage: November 9, 1652Bottesford, Lincolnshire, England
14 months
Birth: 1653 33 25Ferriby Granage, Yorkshire, England
Death: April 6, 1713

Deed of settlement between Henry Lillingston of Bottesford esq., and his wife Elizabeth, of the first part, Ann Dolman of the parish of St. Clement Danes, co. Middx., spinster (sister of the said Elizabeth), of the second, Ursula Dolman of the same parish, spinster (sister of Elizabeth and Ann), of the third part, John Dolman of Bottesford, gentleman (brother of Elizabeth, Ann and Ursula), of the fourth part, and Henry Morley of Lincoln, apothecary, and John Whittingham of Kirton in Lindsey, gentleman, of the fifth part, of six messuages and land in Bottesford RYCH/3040 1 Apr. 1658

Acte de règlement entre Henri Lillingston de Bottesford esq., et son épouse, Elizabeth pour la première partie, Ann Dolman de la paroisse de Saint-Clement Danes, co. Middx., célibataire (la sœur de la dite Elisabeth), pour la deuxième partie Dolman, Ursula de la même paroisse, célibataire (la sœur d'Elisabeth et Anne), pour la troisième partie, John Dolman de Bottesford, gentilhomme (le frère d'Élisabeth, Ann et Ursula), pour la quatrième partie, et Henry Morley, de Lincoln, apothicaire, et John Kirton des Whittingham à Lindsey, gentilhomme, de la cinquième partie, de six messuages ​​et de terres à Bottesford RYCH/3040 1 avril 1658