Genealogy data of Dolman or Dowman, of Pocklington

Virtute et Veritate (Courage and truth)

Romanus I LECAPENUS + Theodora

Facts and events


Enfants :
1 Christopher Lekapenos, co-emperor from 921 to 931, who was married to the Augusta Sophia and was the father of Maria (renamed Eirene), who married Peter I of Bulgaria; Christopher's son Michael Lekapenos may have been associated as co-emperor by his grandfather.
2 Stephen Lekapenos, co-emperor from 924 to 945, died 967.
3 Constantine Lekapenos, co-emperor from 924 to 945, died 946.
4 Theophylaktos Lekapenos, patriarch of Constantinople from 933 to 956.
5 Helena Lekapene, who married Emperor Constantine VII.
6 Agatha Lekapene, who married Romanos Argyros; their grandson was Emperor Romanos III.

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