Genealogy data of Dolman or Dowman, of Pocklington

Virtute et Veritate (Courage and truth)
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Interactive tree of Arnulf of HOLLAND

Floris II the fat of HOLLAND 10851121
Petronille of OBER-LOTHRINGEN 10861144
Dirk V of HOLLAND 10521091
Othelhildis 1054
Louis VI “Louis le Gros.” CAPET 10811137
Lucienne of ROCHEFORT
Adelaide of Savoy de MAURIENNE 10921154
Bertha of HOLLAND 10541094
Philippe I CAPET 10521108
Floris I of HOLLAND 10171061
Gertrud de SAXE 10281113
Dirk (Dietrich) III, HOLLAND 9851039
Otehilde GERMANY 9931044
Arnulf of HOLLAND 961993
Liutgard, Countess of LUXEMBOURG 963999
Dirk II of HOLLAND 935988
Hildegard, Comtesse de FLANDRE 937990
Dirk I of HOLLAND 909939
Geva 911
Gerulf of HOLLAND 883
Sigefrid of LUXEMBURG 933998
Hedwig 937
Wigeric of LUXEMBURG
Stephen I of HUNGARY 9691038
Giselle of BAVARIA 1033
Géza of HUNGARY 997
Taksony, Prince of HUNGARY 931972
Princess of CUMANIA 932
Henry II “Le querelleur (the wrangler)” de BAVIÈRE 951995
Gisèle de BOURGOGNE 9551007
Henri I “le Querelleur (the Quarrelsome)” de BAVIÈRE 918956
Judith of BAVARIA 925987
Conrad III “le Pacifique” de BOURGOGNE 925993
Adelaide of BELLAY
Mathilde de FRANCE 943992