Généalogie des Dolman (ou Dowman) de Pocklington

Virtute et Veritate (Courage et vérité)

Mary Helen Alicia DOLMANÂge : 75 ans18431918

Mary Helen Alicia DOLMAN
Nom de famille
Mary Helen Alicia
Naissance estimé 1843 31

MariageBryan John STAPLETONAfficher cette famille
24 juin 1857 (Âge 14 ans)

Décès d’un époux/épouseBryan John STAPLETON
1903 (Âge 60 ans)

Décès 1918 (Âge 75 ans)

Famille avec les parents - Afficher cette famille
Mariage : 25 octobre 1836
-7 ans
frère plus âgé
11 ans
frère plus âgé
20 mois
frère plus âgé
13 mois
frère plus âgé
15 mois
Famille avec Bryan John STAPLETON - Afficher cette famille
Mariage : 24 juin 1857

[no title] J38/43/2 1883-1893 Contents: Papers re Col. R. Snead Cox's estates. 1883 Extract from marriage settlement of Richard Snead Cox 1853 showing his powers of charging the estates. 1879 Particulars of Col. Snead-Cox's estates. 1880 Memorandum re proposed re-settlement. 1880 Col. Cox's proposal for re-settlement. 1883 Terrier. 1884 Terrier. 1883 Memoranda of charges on the estates Account of Income. 1893 Notice to Richard Snead Cox to Rev. Marsh Kirkby, trustees in the marriage settlement of Hon. Bryan John Stapleton and Mary Helen Alicia Dolman, that Mr. Stapleton has made an assignment of all his estate and interest under the settlement, subject to proviso for redemption.
FAmille Stapleton - Dolman 14 enfants : 1. Has No Children Thomas Fitzalan Stapleton b: 1859 2. Has Children Nicholas Stapleton b: 1861 3. Has Children Gregory Stapleton b: 1864 4. Has Children Christopher (Robert) Stapleton b: 1870 5. Has No Children Charles Stapleton b: 1871 6. Has No Children Philip Stapleton b: 1874 7. Has No Children Mark Stapleton b: 1879 8. Has Children Helen Stapleton 9. Has No Children Winifred Stapleton 10. Has No Children Cecily Stapleton 11. Has Children Sibyl Stapleton 12. Has No Children Frideswide Stapleton 13. Has No Children Mary Elizabeth Stapleton 14. Has No Children Veronica Stapleton Source http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=freer&id=I68418&ti=4317 ou http://www.william1.co.uk/r3.htm