Genealogy data of Dolman or Dowman, of Pocklington

Virtute et Veritate (Courage and truth)

Genealogy data of Dolman or Dowman,
of Pocklington.

pock school
Pockligton school nowadays.
School founed by John Dolman in 1514

Include family names :

  • Dolman ( since 1290 ), of Pocklington, Spaldington etc. Yorkshire : 317 individuals.
  • Bataille ( since 1634 ) : 98 individuals.
  • Mallory ( since 1317 ) : 40 individuals.
  • Barbry ( since 17xx ), of Fleurbaix : 53 individuals. (For more go to lebarbry web site)
  • Persyn ( since 16xx ) : 25 individuals )
  • and many others …
Total : 5,219 individuals for 1,633 surnames
For the Dolman part, thanks to : Thanks to :
Thérèse Barbry Henri Boute for the Barbry part
   Christian Leclercq André Person for the Bataille part
   John Burke    Jean-Marie Persyn for the Persyn part
     Dominique Dumay for the Douriez part
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Statistics — Généalogie des Dolman ‎‎‎‎(ou Dowman)‎‎‎‎ de Pocklington

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In 2014 it was 500 years ago that John Dolman, priest and lawyer, founded the Pocklington school.

A number of events wer organized to celebrate this great anniversary.

For more information, visit the website pages that Pocklington School publishes on this occasion : pocklington-500

Below is the address “The Rise and Fall of the Dolmans” given by historian, Phil Gilbank at the Pocklington School in 2014.

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